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The Hiring Process

Our Guarantee:

We promise to conduct your search in a professional manner assessing and then meeting your needs. Young and Associates will give you a guarantee on our services. If within a one-year period after hiring, the employee resigns or is dismissed for cause, we will conduct another search for no additional fees. 

The Process

Young and Associates uses a specific process tailored to your community. Here is a summary of the process by which we will fill your executive position. Our comprehensive process ensures that only qualified candidates are presented to your Board so that we can provide you with positive results. 

I. Researching the Position

We will meet with your Board or Council, staff, and key personnel to ascertain the dynamics of the organization, the emerging and current critical issues, the core beliefs and values of the organization, and the type of individual desired to fill this position. At this point, we will articulate and finalize the specific requirements and responsibilities of the position.

II. Recruitment and Outreach

We will advertise the position in a variety of ways. We will place direct ads in trade journals and other publications. We will utilize the internet by posts and by placing your position on our website, and we will contact the members of our personnel pool. To clarify the position, we will develop a brochure describing the position, its requirements, and its responsibilities. We will develop a community overview which will differentiate your community from others who are also in the recruitment process. We are Equal Opportunity Employment Recruiters and will draw from a wide range of candidates.

III. Screening

We will meet with the candidates individually by phone and in person to initiate the screening process. We will conduct a thorough background search. The amount and degree of input from the hiring authority is determined by the level of involvement which they desire. We will start to eliminate candidates who do not meet the hiring qualifications.

IV. Interview

We will begin to accept and review applications for the position, gather information about the applicants, and make personal contact with them. We will provide the Board with all the information gathered through the process including our notes and thoughts on the best qualified persons for their consideration. We will begin to conduct the preliminary round of interviews of those candidates approved by the hiring authority. We will then set up interviews.  We will assist you by providing legally appropriate questions, notes form our interviews, and onsite assistance during the interview process.

V. Transition

We will assist you in negotiating the compensation package appropriate for the selected candidate after reviewing current salary information. We will assist the new hire and the employer in the transition period.


Interim Employees

Has a key member of your management team just retired or resigned? Do you need additional time to make this critical hiring decision? Young and Associates can help.

We can provide you with an interim who can keep the day to day operations running smoothly while you are searching for a permanent replacement. Young and Associates has a pool of experienced veterans who can step in immediately.

Our pool of talent consists of retired and in-transition experienced local government personnel who would be interested in helping you on a temporary basis.